The Fox and The Rabbit

Okay here is your motivation for the day. This is something that I actually received as a forward message from my mom but with a little adjustments it turned into something cute and motivational that I thought you all could enjoy.


So many lately say how they are really struggling and how they are dealing with problems they never imagined they would have. None of us are immune from these struggles.This illustration will be of an encouragement to all.

The Fox and The Rabbit
There was once a fox and a rabbit. Naturally, the fox fancied the
rabbit for a bit of a meal so he hid, waiting for the rabbit to come
by, which is what eventually happened.

The fox jumped out of his hiding place and said with a smile, “Good
afternoon Dinner!”

Without a word, the rabbit turned and was away in a flash.

The fox, not to be done out of his plan easily, immediately gave
chase. The rabbit ran as he had never run before. He ran under fences,
he ran through bushes, he ran in and out of hollow logs, he even ran
through the culvert under the road.

The fox ran right behind the rabbit, so close that several times the
rabbit felt the fox’s breath on his tail.

Eventually, the fox began to tire out, and consequently gave up the
chase but the rabbit ran until he was well out of sight, and then he
ran a little further. Without a doubt, the rabbit was also tired.

In fact, he had never been so tired in all his life, but you see, the
rabbit was running for his life. The fox was only running for his
next meal.

So, next time you’re feeling tired out and thinking about slowing down or giving up the race, remember if this rabbit can run you can reach your goals.


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