Udderly Smooth Review

Udderly Smooth is an amazing product. I was first introduced to their line during a Twitter party at which I was chosen to be one of the lucky winners to receive a few of their products. I received my prize about a week ago and let me tell you that is has been absolutely awesome. During the party I know everyone talked about how smooth the lotions make your skin but the softness that comes with using Udderly Smooth’s products is something that is unimaginable until you experience it.

As you can see from the picture above Udderly Smooth does not play any games when they give away prizes. I was so surprised with all of the items that they had allowed me to try. Also, there is the cute little Moo Cow that I felt in love with immediately after pressing the button for the first time.

What I Like About Udderly Smooth’s Products:

First, I like the fact that this products actually do what they are supposed to do which is make your skin smooth without leaving your skin feeling extra dry or to greasy as other lotions tend to do. Second, it fits my skin. When using different soaps and lotions  I have to be very careful because some products will cause me to break out. However, with Udderly Smooth I did not experience this. But, my first couple of times using it I guess my skin had to adjust because it did cause me to be a little itchy but no breakouts 🙂

Would I Recommend Udderly Smooth’s Products To Other Work At Home Moms?

I would definitely recommend any of the Udderly Smooth products that are listed in the pictures to other moms. They work great and you don’t have to use a lot of lotion to get the job done. Also, since summer is coming soon I am sure you want to show off your feet and those of us up north definitely need to make sure that they are hydrated.

Overall, Udderly Smooth is a great brand and I haven’t even tried all of their products. Currently, I have to say the foot cream is my favorite product (the container that has the blue in the label on the picture) because it actually works unlike all of the other foot creams I have tried. If you have not tried Udderly Smooth I highly suggest you try something even if it is just a small tube to start off. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The items mentioned above and seen in the pictures were won during a Twitter Party and I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to share my personal opinion with you. Everything stated in the review is my honest opinion.


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