Red Bull Total Zero Review

Working from home and being a full-time mom an student is something that is not the least bit easy. I am able to manage for the most part because I drink Red Bull. So, as you can imagine I was super thrilled to find out that Klout was offering a Red Bull perk. However, I can say that after receiving the Red Bull Total Zero and trying it out I am disappointed and will remain with the original Red Bull until they release something new.

When accepting the Perk I expected that this version of Red Bull would taste different from the original however this taste is something that I cannot adapt to. However, as a reminder you should try it for your own judgement because everyone does have different taste buds.

The Red Bull Total Zero is does contain zero calories/carbs/fatigue which is definitely a good thing. But, the taste of it is something else. Perhaps if you have never tried Red Bull before it will not be such a shock to you but as a regular Red Bull drinker I will say I can pass on this product.

Disclaimer: I received this item for being influential in the social world. I was not paid for this review and this review contains my honest opinions about Red Bull Total Zero.


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