May 2012 Income

May overall was a good month even though I am still not meeting my desired income goal. But, hey I can just work a little harder in June, right? Well, this month I put in a lot of work but on some days I did slack even though I did not take the whole day off. I expect June will be more intense since I will be moving and trying to meet my daily goal. Also, a lot more giveaways will be taking place so those of you who are not following Giveaways 4 Mom should consider it because in June I have some pretty amazing prizes that I will be giving away. Anyways, you can find my breakdown for the month of May below. Feel free to comment and also remember making a decent amount of income from home is possible I am living proof – 2 kids and a full-time student.

Private Clients: $1530

ODesk: $2123

Share Magnet: $2

Out of the breakdown I only put $271 back into my business so most of my income was profit.


8 thoughts on “May 2012 Income

  1. wow you made pretty good money. do you pay childcare at all or does someone watch your kids while at school? Im considering going to school for cosmetology …but I need childcare…def dont make enough right now for that

    1. I am an online student so at the moment I do not pay for childcare. To be more productive I do plan on hiring a live in nanny though. So, I can actually set up standard business hours instead of working on an off throughout the day.

      1. yes that is what im thriving for..i cannot gain enough focus when jumping onn and off the computer

      2. I can understand. I have trained myself to be able to tune in and out. But, if it is something that requires my full attention I will just stay up later at night.

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