Technogel Anatomic Pillow Review

So, I was attending another Twitter Party last month that happened to be a Technogel Twitter Party and I was one of the lucky winners of an Anatomic Technogel Pillow. I had been to one of their prior Twitter parties and had learned so many amazing things about this pillow.

I will tell you one thing, everything that they said during the Twitter party was true and in fact I do not think they have been giving the pillow enough justice. Many of you know that I am not one to get a lot of sleep with my busy schedule. Then, when I do get the chance to sleep I always have so much on my mind so I am not resting peacefully. Well, since I have been using my Technogel pillow all of this has changed.

What I Like About Technogel’s Anatomic Pillow

When first getting the pillow I was so excited and was looking forward to going to bed at night. I like how when you lay on it the pillows actually supports both your neck and your head. It remains firm while also being comfy at the same time. Not to mention the fact that this pillow always seems to stay cool. There is no turning the pillow over in the middle of the night trying to find a cool side.   Also, it does not irritate your skin – I have sensitive skin so trust me I know. Then, of course there is the fact that it does not slump down like many of the other pillows on the market. I have been using this pillow for a few weeks now and you would still think that it is brand new.

Would I Recommend Technogel To Fellow Work At Home Moms?

I would definitely suggest this pillow to other work at home moms. It provides me relief from spending endless hours in front of the computer screen. As soon as I lie down on it I can drift off to sleep within a couple of minutes. Technogel also has other pillows available and a mattress. I plan to purchase some of their other products because they are just that good. Overall, if you have a Technogel dealer in your area they are more than worth the money.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a prize from attending a Twitter Party. All of the things discussed in this post are my true opinions and I have not been compensated for writing this review.


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