This Land of Strangers Review

This Land of Strangers: The Relationship Crisis That Imperils Home, Work, Politics, and Faith by Robert E. Hall is the latest book that I have read.  Actually , I just finished reading it last night and I had to share a review with you guys because it is something that we all can relate to due to the fact that we work from home.

My Review

This Land of Strangers is a book that focuses on the problems that many people experience in relationships. However, uniquely, it also ties in other things such as society and technology. From the very beginning I must say this book had my attention because it discussed isolation and that is something that many of us work at home moms find ourselves doing when we first start our work at home careers.

One section of the book that really caught my attention was the chapter on technology and how it can be a worse addiction than any drug. Robert explains how technology may seem good but at the same time we disconnect ourselves from communicating properly in relationships which hinders our learning. I had never thought of it this way but it actually does. We may work from home because it is easier and cheaper for us but at the same time we miss out on learning valuable things that we would learn from others at out of the home jobs. However, don’t take it the wrong way because we do still learn from others in our online environments but basically it is not the same as actually interacting and seeing facial expressions and things of that nature.

Robert shares personal details about his family and life in general and he even has current information concerning the president as well. Not to mention the fact that he has different stories that he tells to make sure that the book keeps your attention the entire way through. He even ends the book by telling about his daughter’s wedding and how their families relationships made what would have been a disaster for others into something that was absolutely special.


Overall, I do recommend this book to other work at home moms. Relationships are something that we do take for granted and technology and society among other things do not make it any better.  Relationships are an important part of our lives and this book helps us understand that in a very unique manner.


I received this book as a review copy. However, all of my opinions are truly my own and I am not receiving any sort of compensation for this review.



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