Great Site For Copywriters To Check Out

Even though I have veered away from writing as my main source of income until after the baby comes I sometimes run across great sites that other fellow writers may find very useful to them. AWAI is one of them that seems it would be helpful for those who are considering getting into the Copywriting field or are already in and just need some additional guidance.

From what I have observed the site has been in business since 1997 and they cover the best Copywriting courses that are on the web. I have not personally tried any of these courses so I cannot verify anything but I figured I would suggest to those of you who are interested. They do, however, have a testimonials section on the website so it can be helpful to read through there and see what others have thought about the website and the courses suggested in general.

If anyone tries out this site and finds that it helps improve your CopyWriting skills please feel free  to update the rest of us. Also, I will be doing the same.


2 thoughts on “Great Site For Copywriters To Check Out

  1. If u r not writing what else r u doing? I am finding less time for writing..I def need something that doesn’t take concentration of writing.

    1. Outreach consulting and quality assurance. Occasionally, some project management as well. Being pregnant doesn’t allow me to do the amount of writing I would need to do to survive.

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