Keep Your Faith

Today I decided  I was going to go browse around on some of the other WAH blogs and I was amazed at some of the different incomes that I came across. For example, when taking a peek over at Work At Home Adventures I saw she had rounded up some of the incomes that moms were making and it is pretty impressive. One work at home worker was able to make over $40,000 just last month. Here I am thinking that what I did was extraordinary when it seems apparently I am not working hard enough.

Obviously, these moms and online workers are exploring different avenues than I am. But, I thought it would be good for my readers to be able to check and see what others are doing to bring in cash for inspiration. For example, Louida was able to make a very impressive income doing things that many of us have labeled as time wasters. You can check out her July breakdown income here.

Before, I get back to work I just wanted to let all the newbie’s out there know that it is possible to make a full-time income working from home. It is going to take some work to get started but once you establish yourself you will find the money will just keep rolling in.

Good luck to everyone in August and never give up. There are so many others just  like you making a decent living from home.



9 thoughts on “Keep Your Faith

  1. Another thing I face is my boyfriend(also the two youngest kid’s father) lives with me and works full time and just got another part time job to help pay the bills…he does not seem to believe in the work I do..if I even mention quitting my weekend work..which after paying a sitter for is not worth it…he seems unsatisfied..I personally dont want to put all the efforts on him to bring in the income..but I am so stressed worrying about whether or not a sitter will show up and how I am gonna pay them…because its coming out of my pocket….so I am over the top right now with thoughts and worries becuase end the end no matter how hard I try my efforts never ADD seems things always take turn for the worse right after I make decisions

    1. I can relate to this. I was in that place once as well. But, as I said determination is the key. You have to show your boyfriend money can be made online. When first started working from home over a year ago I had no support. Everyone thought I was out of my mind when I said I made money working from home. I have heard all types of criticism from making the choice to work from home – and still do – but that is what motivates me to work even harder to prove everyone wrong. I’m not going to lie your first month you may only make a couple of hundred dollars but it is still something and you avoid childcare costs. As you become more established you will then be able to pay someone to come over and watch kids for a few hours so you can work. You can see my journey here throughout my blog. All of the information I write is true and I can back it up with proof.

      1. yea I understand the time it takes to build up work…I had a client who I worked for on and off for a couple years and he was very good about paying me..but only maxed out about $100 a week and the work he wanted me to do would always take me that long or longer to get done between managing the kids and doing the work..I always wanted to hire a sitter during those times to come in and help but working harder for him would never increase my pay..enough to pay a it wsa pointless..he finally gave up on me a few weeks ago..and now Im struggling again to find more work….I know what you mean by dedications and determination..I am that kind of person..but not when under all the stress and sidetracking….like

      2. $100 a week from a client is understandable when it comes to not being able to manage. Starting out is fine but if no chance for growth ever it is pointless. Have you ever thought about making money off of websites such as with affiliate programs? A lot of people seem to have success with that. Personally, I have only dabbled with it so I cannot provide any solid leads as to where to begin.

  2. Maybe money could be made….but not if you have children screaming in your ear all day every day…I dont work anywhere mon through fri and try everyday to do some work online but is IMPOSSIBLE when you have a baby that cries everytime you put her down, and 1 yr old thats very needy and a 4 & 7 yr old that bug the hell out of each other, me and the 1 yr old……..needless to say I have been UNSUCCESSFUL at working at home. I don’t make enough for childcare for 4 kids or I would certainly put them in ……so that suggestion is out

    1. Hmm. With determination you would be surprised what can be done. I have two kids and one coming the end of September. Both my 1 and 2 year old are home with me 24/7.My 1 year old used to be clingy but he is learning to be more independent. Additionally, I work around their schedules so I can still spend time with them. You may not get much sleep in the beginning but if money is needed a way will be made to make some money. Online is my only option right now since I as well could never afford those expensive childcare facilities.

      1. The thing is I have tried this every year that I have had a baby…and the baby always wins. I simply cannot focus enough within a short time frame that the kids may give me to write..I have been looking into doing social media marketing because I can do more with that kind of work in short time spans than I can with writing..but getting the clients for social media marketing is the hard part because most of the listings require TOTAL experience..something I have no proof of right now…any suggestions?

      2. Social media marketing experience can come by showing off the progress you have made within your own social networks. Additionally, you may consider other wah jobs outside of writing.

    2. Ok I replied on a different comment because there was no reply link on the last comment you left..anyways, I have actually started up some niche sites..still learning the process a little bit though…I have not really had a lot of time for writing..I know they say to outsource it…but Im struggling now to buy diapers so I cannot just give away what money I have earned because I need it like TODAY …lol..If I had a steady source to put aside money from I would def pay writers to do my the catch 22 for me building niche sites is I have to do my own writing..which I have little time for right Im still learning which niches are better for adsense..still having found one that works yet..I know I need to do more link building..but I gotta get the content done first..

      IT is really hard to focus on doing these niche sites when Im strained for time and money right now…IDK..I have no focus right now..just touching base in different areas to stay busy..with hopes for better outcomes

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