August Income

Wow! The month of August has really flew by. It feels like just yesterday I was sharing how proud I was to have reached my monthly goal in July. Now here it is time for me again to get my calculator out and start totaling to see if I reached my new goal that I had put in place for August.

Well, I know most of you are eager to know what I was able to pull off  last month while being 8 months pregnant. So, I will stop blabbing and go ahead and fill you in. However, before I do list my breakdown the sad news is I did not meet my new income goal nor did I make as much as last month – thanks to being exhausted all of the time. But, I did manage to pay all of my bills.

My Breakdown

Private Clients: $1366

ODesk: $3030

Blogvertise: $30

Giveaways4 Mom: $10

Business Expenses: -$131

Closing Thoughts

Yes, I did make less than last month but I am eight months pregnant so I worked maybe 30 -35 hours a week if that. So, it is expected. The good news is August brought me my first income from my site Giveaways4Mom. (For those of you who have not checked it out yet you should. I have been holding some awesome giveaways and I have quite a few planned for September.) Also, as you know I am due to give birth September 26th – I am all set for a home water birth yay! But, my goal of $6000 is still in place.

Am I happy with my income for the month? Yes, I am. I am happy with it because I feel I did good for someone who is expecting a baby and has to deal with two younger ones. It would have been nice to meet my new goal but hey that is what September is for right?

Please feel free to share your income goals with us and even tell us how you did in August. For now it is back to work for me so I will chat with all of you wonderful readers later.


2 thoughts on “August Income

  1. Even though you didn’t make you goal that you wanted, you still did fantastic =)

    I recently found a new gig through oDesk around the end of July I think it was and so far made over $2000 a month. More than I’ve made from any other gigs that I had put together, so I’m thankful for that.

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