Baby Bentley Has Arrived

For those of you who do not know I ended up having that baby on September 23rd at 3:28 am. He was 7 pounds and 10 ounces, 18 inches long. We named him Bentley Victor and he is the new joy in my life while definitely keeping me busy.

How Was The Home Birth Experience

Well, I had been having contractions off and on all week but on Sunday around 2pm my mucus plug came out as I was getting ready to go to a birthday party. During the party, my contractions became very intense and by the time I got home at 9pm I knew he would be born soon. I started cleaning up to try to waste some time but by 11pm I knew it was time to call my midwife and sit down in bed. She arrived at around midnight and it was determined that I was around 7 to 8 centimeters dilated.

As many of you know, I had my heart set on a water birth so  was determined to hold the baby in until the birthing tub filled. This I was successful at but once in the tub I was only able to stay in for about 45 minutes until I decided that I needed to get back in bed. At this point in time, it was about 2:30 am and I was about 9 1/2 centimeters dilated.

During this time I was tired and just ready for the baby to come. I had done a good job at breathing through contractions yet at this point, all I could do was yell. My midwives decided that it was okay to begin pushing but I felt as though I was not going to be able to do it even though they assured me that I would feel ten times better once the baby arrived. After I finally gathered up the courage to push it only took about four strong pushes and little Bentley had arrived. He was so tiny and just melted my heart the moment I saw him. I did not have to get stitches and he was perfectly healthy.

Days Following Labor

The days following labor have been okay. Bentley does like to stay awake at night but that’s normal, right? I am still working but  have not been as productive as usual due to the fact that I love spending so much time with Bentley when he is awake. My other two boys are still trying to determine their feelings towards them but in time they will grow to see that he is a wonderful addition to the family.

9 thoughts on “Baby Bentley Has Arrived

  1. aww…hes beautiful..congrats to you…I think I could use some tips on finding time to work with these kids/babies..because they always take up ALL my

    1. Thanks..Time management is a must..Since he is going to be my last I find myself being side tracked all of the time because I want to cherish every single moment with him. I just love when they are babies 🙂

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