September 2012 Income

September has been a very disappointing month for me due to the fact that I have more than a few clients that I am waiting to receive payment from. I made no where near my goal nor even close to what I have been bringing in the past months. However, the month  of September did bring me a new addition to my family and I am very happy for that. My goal for October is going to stay at $6,000 and I will definitely have to work super hard to reach it since I will be taking care of a newborn and getting back into my workout routine along with working. Below, you can see my income breakdown for the month and as always feel free to share your September income and October goals.

Private Clients: $708

ODesk: $2400

Business Expenses: -$222


4 thoughts on “September 2012 Income

  1. September was a low month for me too. I thought at the time that it was busier than July and August but the figures don’t show the same. I am also waiting on lots of payments, seems everyone is struggling for cash flow atm.

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