2012 Income Recap

For those of you who have been following my blog during the year 2012 you probably already have guessed that I made a decent income throughout the year. But, the question remains how much did I really make? So, I have decided to do a re-cap of the year to answer just that question.

Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

January: $2405

February: $2160

March: $1290

April: $2564

May: $3655

June: $3829

July: $5366

August: $4436

September: $3108

October: $3522

November: $2128

December: $2700

In conclusion, the year 2012 allowed me to make over $37,000 by performing various job duties online – mostly writing. I am hoping that in the year 2013 I will be able to double this numbers by incorporating some new techniques into my business model. Overall, I am happy with this income though. It was able to be achieved while taking care of three little ones, being a full time student, and while meeting life’s other obligations. If I can do this so can you. There is hope. How did your 2012 online income turn out?


12 thoughts on “2012 Income Recap

  1. I would just love to ask you a few questions!
    1. Can you add in links such as Adsense, Escalate, affiliate links etc through a paid WordPress hosting option? Or is it better to register the site somewhere else (e.g. GoDaddy) and then have it hosted somewhere else? I love the ease of use of wordpress and other blogging platforms, but no idea of how to manage a website outside of that!
    2. How do you attract your private clients? Are these from blogging/freelance writing boards, do you contact them or do they contact you?
    3. How the heck do you make so much money off of bidding sites like Odesk? Even if I was working full time, I don’t think I’d be able to get anywhere near the type of cash you do, how do you do it!

    And great site! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Daryl,

      This site is on a free WordPress platform as I did not start it to make money off of it. For my other site, giveaways4mom.com, I have a hosting/domain through Arxvie. I am not sure how my designer set it all up but on that site I can use links and affiliate marketing.

      I found clients on forums, classified ad sites, and I have even had some contact me on social media channels and through this blog. I market myself about an hour a day Monday through Friday and anything else comes in from recommendations from clients and other freelancers.

      ODesk is a great site yet many people fail to take the tests and use the filters which is why so many people do not think there is money to be made there. Also, because I have taken the tests and have a good rating I have clients initiate contracts with me randomly.

      I hope this helps you out. This year I hope to release a eBook that discusses some of my never revealed secrets to making it as a freelancer in this competitive market. So, be on the lookout for that.

  2. Thats impressive! With all the responsibillty you have. $37,000! I hope I earn that much online someday. Victoria have a good 2013.

    1. Louida,

      I think you did really great in 2012 for Internet Marketing. I finally applied with Panthera today. How long does it take for them to review applications and contact normally?

  3. Happy New Year’s and what a great year you had working online while supporting your children. I have always been turned off by mommy blogs and I tried to address this personally because if these mommies are making money what is it that turns me off? Why do I refuse to create a mommy blog. Well, for what I could determine, when I visit these mommy blogs, I only see a TON of ads or coupon type stuff that totally never made any sense to me

    Well, being a mom of 4, I have really buckled down and said, I am tired of answering to bosses who frankly, dont give a crap about me and my family and things that need to go on. So I chose to quit my job and stay home so I could nurse my baby who is now 8 months old.

    I have decided I wanted to create a mommy blog myself but I want to do it differently. How would you suggest I approach my creating my blog..and topics for that matter? Also, what do you suggest as an income builder for starters? I consider myself a starter because I never really understood what goes on behind the scenes with the whole making money blogging.

    I am currently building a social media management biz…but I really need a place to share my mommy stories as well…could always do a book..thinking of doing one for special needs kid because my daughter is special needs…hmmm

    Any tips?

    Have a great day and hope your baby is doing well in the new year!


    1. Aleshia,

      Happy New Year to you as well. For this blog as you may notice I don’t have it filled with ads or coupons. Since this is a free blog I hardly make any money with it all. My purpose of keeping this blog is to help others make money online and share useful information to those who have already jumped into the online income field. However, my blog does help my earnings because clients are able to see my writing style and they can determine whether or not they would like to hire me to work on their blogs.

      In my opinion if you are looking to make money blogging you should start out with a self hosted domain such as the one I use for my other website Giveaways 4 Mom. Then, you can make money with affiliate links, Google AdSence, Amazon, Escalate, and more. Also, you could make an ebook that you could sell on your website as well. With self hosted blogs your income opportunities are limited. However, as with anything else you are going to get what you put into your blog out of your blog. I hope this helps 🙂

      1. Awesome…I think you just gave my ideas a boost..I can start with writing an ebook for moms on how to get started doing things online..as I once did with writing..and go from there..and maybe just create a one page blog for now..with the ebook on it..and just work on it throughout the year..

        have you followed me on Facebook yet? I would love to have see you there and we can share good things together there….http://www.facebook.com/socializedcontent

        Do you know anyone who uses social media strictly to make affiliate sales? Instead of working with clients I have been considering this..but I tell you, I have never made any affiliate sales before..I kinda know how they work..but implementing it is a whole different feeling

      2. Aleshia,

        I have just liked your Facebook Page. I will check it out in detail a little later – I am getting a late start to my day. I know a few Internet Marketers and they use and assortment of different things. But, I will not say that it is not possible to make sales strictly using Social Media but it may not be as many sales as you could be making by using other things. In 2012, I strictly used social media and as you can see in my earnings Affiliate profits only come in every blue moon. This year I plan on taking a different spin on things and I will be posting about the things that work for me and I may even finally get on to creating that ebook that I have been meaning to make.

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