My Thoughts on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that I have heard about in the past and even created an account there a few months back but never really did anything with it. Recently, I have started using Fiverr as both a buyer and a seller and I have found it to be beneficial when it comes to bringing in a few extra bucks.

Creative fiverr gigs
Creative fiverr gigs (Photo credit: zsoolt)

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows users to sell gigs for $5. However, after Fiverr takes their fee you in up getting $4. Furthermore, when you reach a Level 2 seller status you are able to add extra things on to your gig that allows you to make more money.

Payment Info

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Image via CrunchBase

Fiverr pays via Paypal so you can expect additional fees to come out of your income once it is transferred. So, I recommend withdrawing money once a week. Also, you should be aware that it takes the money 14 days to clear. However, if you are doing gigs everyday after the first 14 days passes you will have stead payments coming into your account.

Why You Should Try It

The reason I prolonged using Fiverr was because of the pay. In reality $4 is not a lot. However, the key to making money with this site is to offer gigs that only take about five minutes to do. This way if you do 6 gigs in an hour you have made $24 dollars in one hour which is more than what the average person makes at their job outside of the home.

Closing Thought

If you have not tried Fiverr yet I think it is worth giving it a shot. I am doing a 30 day challenge with them myself to see how it works out so you can be on the lookout for my recap in my monthly earnings.

Have you used Fiverr? If so, what has been your experience?


7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Fiverr

  1. Yeah, I’ve used Fiverr, as a seller. Hopped onboard early last year with a specialism: commenting. It’s been OK. I’ve made $148 to date – obviously not wallet bulking, but it’s helped in little ways.

    Good day with your 30-day challenge. I look forward to reading an update on it.

    Take care…

    1. I am glad the commenting has worked for you. I put up a gig for that and it did not work out so well (no order yet). However, two of my other gigs are doing really well and I just became a Level 1 seller in under a week. So, so far so good.

      1. Yay! Glad it’s going well for you and you reached Level 1 that fast. Cool!

        My orders are unpredictable. Sometimes I get none for days, even a few weeks, then I get a handful close together. Great thing is I don’t really promote it that much. However, I really should start (she says!)

      2. My orders have been steady so far. I am averaging at least 7 a week. I also have not been heavily promoting it though because this is just unexpected money for me. Not looking to replace my other income with this. Only two of my gigs have been selling so this week I plan to go in and revamp them to see how it goes.

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