My New Schedule

Schedules are something that is very important when it comes to balancing your work at home life with your personal life. This is something that I have written about numerous times on other blogs and have even read about. However, sadly, I have never taken my own advice or the advice of others – that is until now.

Why I Am Implementing a New Schedule

In the past when I set schedules it was more of a goal. This is because I would set a set amount of work that I would do each day. For example, I would aim to make $50 each day or $100 each day. This is something that was very tedious because it would vary as to how long it would take to reach my goal. However, now that I three kids, school is getting tougher, and my personal life is becoming extinct I know it is time for me to put a new schedule in place and so far since about the second week of January it has been going well.

My Schedule

My daily schedule consists of me getting up at five, taking a shower, giving the baby his bottle and changing him so I can be downstairs on the computer by 5:45am. Once on the computer I do a quick check of the emails and send out responses to the urgent ones. This puts me being finished with that around 6:30am give or take. After that is done I then proceed to marketing myself and checking my social media accounts. This usually takes about thirty to forty five minutes depending on the day of the week. So, around 7:10 I am ready to lay out my work that has to be done for the day and get started on that. My boys get up around 9:00am or 9:30am I proceed to make them breakfast and do other mandatory household chores. My sitter comes in at 11am and I work nonstop from 11am-4pm. If it is a day where I do not have a lot of work to do I may be able to fit in a nap, apply for some jobs, interact on social media, or market myself some more.

This schedule has been working for me well so far. Occasionally, I may take some of the day off or the whole to do something with the family. But, other than that I have a clear head every morning and I am able to take care of everything that needs to be done without driving myself insane.

What do you do to make sure that your work at home life and personal life is balanced?


14 thoughts on “My New Schedule

  1. Thats great! I don’t necessarily work at home but I do blog and homeschool – both things that take a ton of planning and scheduling! I’ve been getting up at 5 every morning – 2 hours before everyone else wakes up so that’s been giving me some more time! Not easy losing sleep though but I find if I work out at night it helps me sleep more soundly – so I’m getting there! lol

    1. Debbie,

      I also try to work out before bed and it definitely does help. Losing sleep is the worse for me because I am groggy in the morning which is why I start off with marketing and emails. Lately, I have been oversleeping (30 minute late start) but things are still going okay throughout the day.

  2. Good luck! I am glad that my “work” is housework, errands, chores, baby and not having to go to work or worry about making money. But I have found out that if I schedule things then I get a lot more accomplished.

  3. I work all through the day. I think I have a little ADD, but it’s not REALLY
    ADD. It’s fuzzy brain from my health condition. I just try to write down everything I need to do, answer emails and keep chugging along.

    1. Savannah,

      Help is great. My SO works full time, sometimes 6 days a week. So, I had to have some help come in for a few hours and they have been a huge blessing.

  4. I work at night mostly. When the little one is in bed and the hubby is watching TV. Great post, I can’t wait to hear how the new schedule works out for you!

  5. Good post, I am currently in the process of trying to make myself a scedule for the days/week. It seems I often get stuck spending too much time on one thing and then others get put aside or left behind for another day. Another thing I am going to have to implement is set “business” hours. Sometimes I am so bombarded by texts, phone calls, and other things that it takes me away from working my business or marketing myself and my businesses. I plan on doing a hourly schedule similar to what you have put down, but I need it more detailed. Then I will also do a schedule for after my “work” hours so that chores, housework, and kids all get a better routine and schedule for themselves and the rest of my family! Good luck and let us know how it works for you!!

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