The Importance of a Blog

When I visit various work at home forums one of the most common questions seems to be do I need a blog or a website for my work at home business? The correct answer to this question is no because in all reality there are businesses out here that do not have a blog or a website and they still bring in loads of money each month. However, if you want to have a thriving business it is best for you to have a blog or a business and here is why.

website ideas
website ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

My Blog

For example, take my blog, Young Work At Home Moms. It is a blog that offers advice to other work at home moms/dads yet at the same time clients can come here and see my work and learn more about my personality. I could have opted to go for a business website but I chose to take the more personal approach. When clients visit my blog they are directed to my published work page which I try to keep updated as much as possible yet many of them find themselves wondering over to the actual blog posts to see what is being discussed.

How My Blog Helps My Business

My blog helps my business because it allows my clients to see that I am a real person who has been able to succeed working from home for a decent amount of time. It also lets them access my writing in other settings outside of the work environment. It shows them that I can have different writing styles and it also shows how my writing influences others. A business website would not be able to do any of these things. Not to mention the fact that anyone could create a business website and just drop it at any time. So, lastly my blog serves the benefit of allowing customers to know that I am still working. When they see me constantly keeping the blog up to date they know that they can place their orders and expect a timely response.

In my personal opinion blogs are better than business websites because they allow you to have a connection to your clients that simply cannot be achieved with a business website. Which do you prefer a blog or website when it comes to your work at home business?



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