My Passive Income Challenge

For those of you who have been following my blog since it first begun back in April 2011 you know I have explore a few different avenues over the years yet I have stuck closely with writing. I started out doing mostly ghostwritten work then I branched out and started publishing under my own name. Publishing under your own name is the best way to go. It avoids you having to worry about writing unpaid writing samples as well as getting your name out in the world. I started off not thinking much about passive income. I have published a few articles on Yahoo Contributor Network (31 to be exact) in the past two years and have only brought in maybe $10. However, looking around the web I see people making large earnings ($1000’s of dollars each and every month) from passive income/revenue sharing alone. So, I think it is about time for me to start taking things seriously.

Recently, I signed up for Squidoo after coming across a really great article there and seeing the credentials that a fellow writer has. I have heard her talk about it before but always had too much on my plate (or so I thought) to give it a whirl. Well now since I am on my new schedule my weekends are going to be pretty much free. So, now is the perfect time for me to get in on the passive income action.

My Challenge

Squidoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am challenging myself to create a new lens each and every day for thirty days. I will promote each lens in various ways daily to insure that it is getting the maximum exposure. Also, I will create at least one new article on Yahoo Contributor Network for the entire year of 2013. I don’t expect to become rich off of this but I do hope by the end of the year between these two networks I can pull in at least $50-$100 dollars a month. If anyone would like to join me you can feel more than welcome to do so. If there are enough interested I will even start a Facebook group where we can share our lens with each other to help out with the promotion efforts so we can achieve the goal faster, possibly.


5 thoughts on “My Passive Income Challenge

  1. I will definitely be keeping up with you! I write for textbroker and would love to branch out to other venues. You have piqued my interest with squidoo.

  2. This is a great post and something I am actually really interested in! I hope you do well and I plan on reading your lenses 🙂

  3. Victoria ~

    This is a good article for other writers and moms trying to make an income from home. My personal experience has been similar to yours. As a writer for I have made very little money. One positive point that I can make about writing for is that every article that I have written and “stumbled” {on} has brought in amazing traffic, which is a great aspect but if you are wanting to create a regular income from it, then you clearly have to be dedicated to writing an article almost every day.

    On the flip side, I do like the goal you have set for yourself. I too, have heard many great things about writing lenses on

    I wish you nothing but success and look forward to reading your lenses!

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