Recap of Last Week

Well this week started off great. However, I had some person problems occur Friday which has put a slight dilemma on the progress that I had in mind for myself. As many of you know I have been doing a 30 day Squidoo Challenge. So, far I have 8 lenses written and I am at Level 30. However, I plan to get caught up on the two lenses that I missed so I can evaluate whether or not Squidoo is a site that is worth my time.

Last week I incorporated some of my affiliate links inside of the lens yet it has not had much of an effect yet. But, the good news is that 6 out of the 8 lenses are in the payment tiers. One of them did exceptional well for me to be a newbie. In fact, it has gotten me over 100 views in one week which in my opinion is great because one of my lenses only received 4 views last week.

This week I am going to continue my challenge to see what comes out of it and I will keep you all posted along the way. I hope everyone has a very successful week. For now, I am off to write these two lenses that are behind. Feel free to stop by my Squidoo sometimes by clicking here.

If you have a Squidoo experience to share please feel free to do so in the comments section of this post.


6 thoughts on “Recap of Last Week

  1. I had a quick squiz at Squidoo and wasn’t sure whether it is worth my while. So interesting challenge you’ve set yourself. Would love to know the outcome.

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