February 2013 Income

February is one of the shorter months of the year but it can be as productive as any of the other months. In February I took on some new clients and also expanded my writing business. In March, I am hoping to be averaging close to $6,000. I know I have this goal in place for some time but I think March may be a good month for some reason. But, anyways check out my income stats below and feel free to share how you did in February in the comments section.

Private Clients: $2143

ODesk: $1220

Fiverr: $128

Escalate Network: $32

Business Expenses: -$293


3 thoughts on “February 2013 Income

  1. Wow, that is great income! I’m still learning the ins/outs and such of blogging. Wish I was as talented in writing or coming up with information for ideas/content. However I say I don’t have a green thumb in creativity in that area or else I would give it a shot myself in making additional income that way. It seems you are doing great at it and being able to really be able to call yourself a “work at home mom”! 🙂

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