Why It Is Crucial For Writers to Use Grammar Checkers

It is important and extremely crucial for everyone to use a grammar checker, especially writers. Whenever you are sending any type of correspondence to someone, whether it is via the postal service, email, or a typed document, you want to make sure that your grammar is correct. Any type of grammar mistake can throw off your whole paper and make you an unreliable source to others.

As a Professional

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As a writer and professional you want to make sure that you use a grammar checker so that you do not lose your credibility and clientele. Making even simple mistakes can cause you to become less valuable in the working world. Professional writers must make sure that their work is always top quality and correct. People do not want to pay for an article or research paper that they are going to have to go back and fix; they count on you to deliver quality work.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

It is always a good idea to run your materials through a spell checker and grammar checker to check for errors. Everyone makes mistakes and when you read your own paper many times over, you do not always see errors that stick out to other people. Your eyes tend to get used to seeing the words and you cannot pick up on the errors. Mistakes, especially in spelling and grammar, are going to happen to even the best of the best. This is something that is very common and is the whole reason why grammar checkers were designed.


Besides the fact that grammatical errors make you seem less professional, making errors in publications, and other writing causes the paper to become hard to read. The whole idea behind writing it is for people to read it. Many errors and inconsistencies can cause the paper to become unreadable. If too many errors exist, the reader may totally disregard your paper.


Here are some examples of small errors that change the sentence completely and make the readability hard.

They’re is the dish soap.

  1. Even though it sounds correct, the meaning of “they’re” in this sentence is wrong. “They’re” is the contraction for “they are” and the sentence does not make any sense reading “they are is the dish soap.”
  2. Correct sentence: There is the dish soap.

We is going out to dinner.

  1. This sentence uses the wrong form of the verb and makes the writer seem uneducated.
  2. Correct sentence: We are going out to dinner.


All writers should get in the habit of running their papers through a grammar checker to make sure to avoid any problems. We all make mistakes, but you wouldn’t want to lose your clients or credibility over a simple error that could have been easily fixed. It only takes a couple seconds to run the grammar checker and will pay off in the end.

I recommend that all writers use grammar check online.


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