Blogger vs. Writer

Over the past few weeks I have become an active member of both blogger and writer groups. This has made me realize that there is a difference between being a blogger and a writer. I guess I didn’t pay too much attention to it before because I fall into both categories. In your opinion who do you think works harder bloggers or writers? Keep in mind both are ways to produce an income as a work at home mom.Computer feestje


Bloggers make money online by blogging about their passions and earning income strictly off of their blogs. They may make money selling ads, writing sponsored posts, reviewing products, or by affiliate marketing. Being a blogger is a full time job. You have to constantly make sure that your blog is updated, practice good SEO tactics, be activate on numerous social media channels, and make sure that you have a good amount of niche targeted traffic. Many people think bloggers just write posts about things that they love but it is a whole lot more to it than that.


Writers also have very challenging jobs. They have to be able to write compelling content so it with sell. They may choose to write eBooks, press releases, articles, or maybe even books. They also have to insure that they are always marketing themselves so they can have a consistent flow of work. Finding steady work is usually the hardest part that comes along with writers. Many writers are also bloggers or website owners so they also have most of the added takes that bloggers have.

Who Takes The Cake?

Who do you think works the hardest? They both have a lot of things that they have to do to insure that they make a good amount of money – especially if this is their full time income source. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



10 thoughts on “Blogger vs. Writer

    1. Savannah,

      I am both so I find it hard to pick a side. Both require a lot of work. Blogger have flexibility in topics but keeping the blog fresh is tiring while writers don’t have very much flexibility with topics but once established they can kind of pick and choose their work.

  1. Before I started blogging I did a lot of freelance and ghost writing work. It was challenging and took a lot of time, researching, writing, proof reading, etc.

    Then I started blogging in 2011. Blogging is a lot of work. I am seriously feeling married to my blogs at this point, but I love it.

    I think that writers and bloggers both do a lot of work!

  2. I guess I kind of consider myself both a blogger and a writer. I wrote a book and realized that in order to have a chance getting it published, I needed to expand my writer’s platform. So, I started a blog. Now I’m a blogger and yes, it is sooo time-consuming. I feel like I don’t spend enough time writing though and spend too much time trying to promote my blog. It’s hard to find the balance between blogger and writer…

    1. It is very hard trying to balance marketing, working, and blogging. I had let my blogs slide down but now I have them back on my priority list again.

  3. I think that being a blogger IS being a writer. It is impossible to be a great blogger without being a writer, because first and foremost, blogging is writing. I thing everything you said up there about writing applies to bloggers as well, so I don’t see the difference. It is a crazy, demanding, stressful but ultimately amazing job!

    1. Hi Ann,

      I agree bloggers are writers. Maybe I should I used bloggers and freelance writers to show the difference. However, bloggers have more flexibility about what they write about. For example, they could start a cooking blog and write strictly about that. However, writers on the other hand, if freelance, have to write whatever comes there way even if it is a topic that they do not like. Once more established they can pick and choose but in the beginning it is more of do whatever comes your way to be able to pay the bills.

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