Why I Spend Money to Make Money

After posting my latest income report I received an email from a reader asking me why I spend money to make money now when in the beginning I was all about not spending any money to earn my income. This email really made me sit back and think because she is absolutely correct. So, I thought it was time for me to clarify it to everyone.

Is It Possible To Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime?

English: Budget and Spending
English: Budget and Spending (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it is 100% possible to make money online as a work at home mom without spending any money at all. I did so for about six months or so and I earned enough money to be able to cover my bills. However, now I have more goals in place and by the summer time I want to be able to reach a goal of making around $10,000 a month. So, in order for me to do this at a quick pace and not work myself to death I felt it was time for me to start investing money.

What Are You Spending Money On?

I want to clarify the point that I am not spending money to obtain my jobs. Instead I am spending money on tools to make my life easier. I will by memberships to have access to certain tools that help my work flow.  I also have spent money in different places for advertising; to have work completed on my other blog Giveaways 4 Mom, and just other random internet things.  Some of the money I have spent, such as my investment last month, was a bad move. However, I didn’t cry over spilt milk, I just learned my lesson and moved on. As the months progress if the new tools that I am using turn out to help me increase my income I will be sharing them with those who are subscribed to my blog. So, far one investment has worked really well while two others I don’t think are a good fit for me.

Do You Spend Money To Make Money?

The reason I started spending money on various tools was because other online workers, work at home moms, were doing so and they are bringing in the type of money I dream of making. So, in order for me to make my dream a reality I thought it would be a good idea for me to start doing so to. As many of you already know I have added on some other income sources outside of my writing business and in order for these avenues to work I felt it was time for me to start investing some money to increase my productivity.

Do you ever spend money in your business in hopes to earn more income? How has it worked for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Why I Spend Money to Make Money

  1. I have spent quite alot for blogging and I haven’t made much back but I am hoping that the harder I work that I will start to make money. I bought a theme for my blog I also pay for hosting on my blog. There isnt a lot of things you can get for free. Sometimes it takes a little money to actually start making money

  2. Capitalism at it’s best!! I have found through the years that when I invest, I get much more in return! After all… like they say, nothing is free! Good post 🙂

  3. wow thats a big goal! Hopefully you’ll accomplish it – will keep you in my prayers 🙂 We’re trying to find different ways of making money online too – I know it’s no easy task so investing in helpful tools is probably a really great idea!

  4. Thanks for this post! I am ALWAYS spending money to make money! I just think we need to think about the types of things we are spending money on!!

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