Over the past couple of months I have become a member of various blogging networks and it seems common for bloggers to have more than one blog. As many of you already know I currently have three blogs but focus on my two main ones. In the future I plan on creating more websites so I have been searching around the web, doing research on different sites that allow bulk domain names and so far one that has caught my attention is

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My Thoughts on

To date I have not signed up for this company yet but it is definitely something that I am considering. The thing that I like best about them is they allow you to get multiple domain names that are relevant to your brand. This means that you will be able to pull in the maximum amount of traffic for your brand because even if people make a type they will still be directed to your website. We all know that in order for a website to be successful traffic plays an important role. When using the services provided by it appears as though you are putting yourself in a win/win situation. Not to mention the fact that they have a ton of other services that are relevant to blog owners as well such as building a website, hosting a website, and even marketing your website.

I encourage you to check this website out if you are someone who is looking to expand your brand. Also, if you have had any type of experience with this company please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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