Procrastination – A Freelance Writer’s Downfall

Procrastination is the key thing that keeps freelance writers from achieving their writing goals. Every freelancer finds themselves procrastinating from time to time. If it becomes a habit it can be something that causes your income to suffer. These tips will help keep you on track.

All Procrastination Is Not Bad

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I am a work at home mom that falls into the procrastination category. However, when I procrastinate I try to make sure I am still being productive. If I need a break from writing I find myself wondering off to work on my blogs or focus on affiliate marketing. Recently, I have been supplementing in Fiverr, so expect to see an increase in my Fiverr income this month.

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating just make sure that you are still being productive. You may consider researching how to make more money in your niche, marketing yourself, job hunting, or focusing on your website. Bad procrastination would be window shopping, playing games on Facebook, or doing anything else that is irrelevant to your work.

Business Hours Have To Be In Place

The reason many work at home moms find themselves procrastinating when they should be working is because they do not have any business hours in place. If you have no business hours in place you are always going to be attached to work which is going to wear you out quickly. People who work out of the home just leave work and they are unattached – in certain fields – yet work at home moms are always trying to work without a set schedule because they have other obligations to fulfill. Putting business hours in place and abiding by them is very important or you will be driven to burn out. When you are not working you should disconnect yourself from technology to avoid being tempted to check in for work.

This is something that I find very hard to do personally. However, I am slowly getting better when it comes to sticking to my business hours. Constantly, having work on your mind leads to procrastination.

Budget Your Money

Not budgeting your money right will lead you to procrastination. Freelance writers sometimes find themselves in a rut because of not budgeting and have to take on a bunch of work to avoid hitting a financial crisis. This leads them to procrastinating because they are thinking about how much money they need to make by a certain date and they are also thinking about the heap of work that they have to make their way through. When you budget your money right you will not have finances clouding your mind which can lead you to wandering off to take on even more work with hopes to be able to achieve your goal faster.

Procrastination is something that is not uncommon among work at home moms. However, it is something that can be controlled it some of your work techniques are changed. How do you deal with procrastination? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments section below.


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