Why Most Writing Services Fail

2013 has brought a lot of writing businesses to the light. However, a lot of them are failing within their first couple months for numerous reasons. If you have been considering starting your own writing business you will find this article to be very useful to you. I am going to go over the most common reasons why writing business fail.

Writer's Block 1

Payment Is To Delayed

Many writing business delay paying their writers anywhere from two weeks to a month – some even longer. This is something that is unacceptable – especially when starting out. When a writing business comes along on the web writers are going to be interested yet at the same time they are going to be skeptical as to whether or not they are actually going to be paid. If you are starting a writing business you have to have an initial funding amount. Until build your reputation your writers should be getting paid at least once a week. Your writers have bills just like you do and when you delay payment it puts in bind. Even if your client delays your payment you are still responsible for paying your writers on time because they did do the work.

They Hate Being Questioned About Payment

The second reason these writing businesses are failing is because they hate when their writers question them about payment. Some businesses will even get rude and nasty with the writers when they inquire about payment. This is a big NO! Customer service is key in any business. If you are not nice to your employees they will quit and you will have no one to do the work. Of course you do the work yourself and profit nicely yet at the end the day you are going to be working non-stop if you have the clientele. When your writers inquire about work simply respond them letting them know payment will be made on x day and leave it at that.

These are the two main reasons why writing businesses fail. If you are considering starting your own writing business keep these factors in mind. Also, make sure that you keep a reputation of having good customer service towards your employees as well as your clients.

Do you have any reasons to share as to why writing businesses fail? If so, add them in the comments section below.


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