4 Things Companies Need To Consider Before Hiring a Writer

Most companies have to hire writers from time to time to make sure that their website or blog is going to convert into them getting sales. However, with so many people offering writing services it can be hard to know which writers can be trusted and which ones cannot. Today, I am going to cover the qualities that companies should be looking for before the decide whether or not to hire a writer.

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Do They Have Samples?

The first thing companies should be looking for when contacting a writer is whether or not they have samples. Samples may include articles that they have posted on residential sites or maybe even on their personal blog. Samples should never be emailed in the form of a Word Document because you cannot verify that the writer actually wrote the content. So, instead it is best to ask for links to work that they have published online under their own name. If they do not have this available it is probably going to be in your best interest to contact another writer.

Where Are They Located?

The second thing companies should be looking for when they contact a writer is the writer’s location. Location is a key factor to consider because you want to hire a writer who will be able to respond to you within your business hours. You may find yourself needing to amend the instructions at any given time, therefore you want to make sure that your writer will be able to acknowledge that they have received the requests and let you know whether or not it is too late for changes.

Have They Been Recommended By Others?

The third thing companies should ask writers for before giving them a job is a link to their reviews. Talented writers have reviews left by their customers throughout the web that all rave about their work. If a writer cannot point you in the direction to find reviews about their writing service you would be best going with a writer who can.

Do They Have Good Customer Service?

Customer service is a key component in any business. When you contact your writer they should be friendly. If you get the vibe that the writer is frustrated or feels as though they have to take your work because they need the money it is best to go with another writer. If writers cannot provide you with excellent customer service think about the quality of the work that they are going to provide you.

Overall, writers are literally all over the web. So, it is understandable that finding the perfect writer for you can be a little hard. If you follow the previously mentioned tips you will find that the process will be rather pleasant for you.




2 thoughts on “4 Things Companies Need To Consider Before Hiring a Writer

  1. Hello Victoria,

    I really appreciate your well written post on this subject. I will apply the advice you have shared today. I need more writers for my business and this is a perfect blueprint to follow. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Many Blessings,
    Stacie Walker

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