March 2013 Income Report

March has been an okay month for me. I did not reach my goal of $10,000 yet but I am confident that I will be able to do so in a few months – or at least I am going to try to. For April I am going to keep the same goal and I am also going to be putting some personal goals in place for myself. I plan purchasing a house next year so it is time for me to start getting some things in order. For the month April I am going to pay off my last credit and I am also going to get my drivers license. (Yes, I have never had a driver’s license). Well, now on to my income report. Feel free to share how you did in the month of March in the comments section below.

Income Report:

  • Private Clients: $3,680
  • ODesk: $600
  • Fiverr: $282
  • $50
  • Yahoo Contributor Network: $6

Expenses: – $1558


4 thoughts on “March 2013 Income Report

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks. I put in a lot of hours for this income last month though. I am trying to get better with my business hours while still being able to pull in a decent amount of money. ODesk is okay but you are going to have to find a long term gig. My income comes there comes from a job that I have been working for over a year.

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