May 2013

You guys have probably noticed that for the past couple of weeks I have been allowing guest bloggers to keep the blog running. This is because the month of May has been busy for me as I have tried to clear of some very important things off of my two do list such as my State Taxes that I can finally say have been paid off. Also, I have been working hard to keep my other blog Giveaways 4 Mom afloat so I can start generating bigger income there as well. Well, that is what has been up with me and you can see how much my hard work paid off this month in my income report below.

Private Clients: $5423

ODesk: $30

Fiverr: $212

Giveaways 4 Mom: $28

Escalate Media: $43

Squidoo: $1

Business Expenses: -$1728

Well that is how my month went. Feel free to share how well you did in the comments section below. I am still keeping my same goal in place as the prior months and hopefully I can meet it before the summer is over.


14 thoughts on “May 2013

  1. You are amazing. What do you do for private clients? Writing? And the business expenses … I suppose I could include some of those but it would only be the internet bill! I’m so curious about what you do. Guess I’ll mess around on your blog some more!

  2. This is a great post. Do you share exactly how you’re able to make money each month? I would really love to monetize my blog as I have 2 small children as well.

    1. Shantel,

      Yes the ways I made the money are include in the post. I am a freelance writer full time and that is where the bulk of my income comes in from each month.

  3. I have just started to earn money blogging and my efforts are beginning to pay off. I made over $700 on my blog last month and am aiming for $1,000 this month. Sounds like you had a great month!

  4. I sadly didn’t make any money this month 😦 redoing my house so sadly I’m a bit behind right now.

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