June 2013 Income

June has been a busy month for me. However, apparently not busy enough as I am still falling short when it comes to my income goals. In June I did not do badly but I can also say that I have had better months as well. In July I am hoping to come closer to reaching my goal by implementing some new strategies. Below you can see how June turned out for me.

Private Clients: 6706

Giveaways 4 Mom: 8

Fiverr: 40

Escalate Media: 35

Link Vehicle: 20

Topic Bay: 51

Yahoo Contributor Network: 2

Business Expenses: -2242

How did the month of June treat you? Feel free to share how your work at home career goals went in June.


75 thoughts on “June 2013 Income

  1. When you say private clients, do you write for them? I have a blog, and am discouraged trying to monetize it Google deactivated our account due to “unusual activity” so we make pennies

  2. I don’t really understand much about making money from a blog but it looks good to me. I hope you keep growing and making more money from your blog.

  3. It seems like most people who are trying to make money from their blogs don’t make much for most months of the year.

  4. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a year or more. Always something to stop me. I have medical issues and I’m afraid that it might interfere with my blogging. After reading this, I want to try it and maybe I can make a little cash along with it. Thanks for sharing and giving me the inspiration to do what I wanted to do for so long.

  5. I don’t have a blog but I do have an in home state registered daycare with 5 preschoolers. In June, I did about the same income however this summer is another story. I am down to 3 children since an expectant parent decided to not return to work in the fall as a teacher. Now, I’m watching every penny because potential parent calls are just not coming in.

  6. Not as great as I hoped. Since having a baby, my websites have really taken a backseat. I’m hoping she grows out of this clinginess!

  7. I’m not sure what the numbers mean because I don’t have a blog but to those who do I think it’s a great way to earn some extra income especially to those who are SAHM’s.

  8. The month of June was a bad one for us. My air conditioning unit broke during a 90 degree heat wave and one of my tires blew out on the road. Luckily I did not have an accident. Money had to be spent for all…thank God for emergency savings.

  9. I am not a blogger, so I’m not completely familiar with your breakdown, although it certainly sounds like you know what you’re doing! As for me, the month of June was not a good one either. My husband started having a garnishment put on his pay for past due medical bills. Things will be tight for awhile.

  10. June is always a tricky month for me in my Passion Parties Business – with all events – graduations etc… I had to host parties during the week to make it work. There’s always a way!

  11. Setting goals is a good way to know your target income for a month. It seems to me like you are not doing bad at all!

  12. I am trying to monetize on my blog but it’s still so young and the likelihood of being able to do much is remote. At the moment, I’m sprucing it up but to be honest, the design isn’t truly what I wanted but the designer would only do so much so yeah. Hope for the best when I launch the new spruced up site!

  13. It would be nice to easy earn money (not that blogging don’t take time and efforts): I’m translator and grammar-language reviewer and lately I’ve been realised I were almost bankrupt if I’d searched for more different ways to earn money =(

  14. I must say, you have inspired me to get more serious about my blog. I just dilly dally with it right now. I “make money” online but through websites that give GC’s for doing various tasks. Not worth all the time I put in though for what I get in return. I’m going to start doing my homework.

  15. The month of June could have been better! My husband was out of work for a few days which can really make quite the impact with a one year old who goes through 20 diapers a day!

  16. I would love to start a blog or some other stay at home income venture. I’m great at sewing are there any companies looking for sewers?

  17. every little bit helps and over time it will add up. Keep going in the directions of your dreams and you will be there sooner than you think. Remember too that although it is good and right to keep monthly track, it is good to take in the whole year to see how everything balances out….good luck to you!

  18. I’ve thrown around the idea of blogging but I can’t imagine I’d make much money…my benefit might be some free products, though! Sounds like you’re doing great with it!

  19. Congratulations on your success! Being able to stay at home while earning something (no matter how insignificant it may seem) is a plus. I wish you luck on your continued endeavors. 🙂

  20. That’s awesome. I have to go to work and do manual labor for a very small amount of money. Right now I’m healing from a back injury (from lifting things that weigh as much as me over a long period of time). I don’t have the option to work from home because we will not survive without my healthcare unless we win the lottery or something. My son and I both have medical conditions that are extremely expensive and not covered fully by most health plans. I wish I could work from home and save my back.

  21. I don’t make anything at home, I would love to somehow make some. I currently am a Contributor to a blog currently.. so I do get stuff to review, however no income. Eventually I will get to where you are, I hope!

  22. I wish I was making money from my blog but as of yet I am not. I have had some sponsored posts and sent items but nothing monetary so far. I am currently working on completing my degree and I decided to do a 2 year degree in 1 and it has been hectic to say the least LOL so my posts have not been as frequent as I would like. I am glad that I found your site!

  23. Setting goals is positive. We don’t always make the goals. We just keep doing our best and do what we can and it will pay off.

  24. Even if you don’t make a load of money, you’re making something and that helps! So many of us have no clue where to go or how to go about earning from our blogs(myself included). The going gets tough but you keep on going! Keep on rocking, and eventually you’ll come out ahead. 🙂

  25. I haven’t made much from my blog. It has been mostly affiliate bonuses but I’m getting a little better at it!

  26. Interesting to see. I wish you all success with your blogs. I don’t have one of my own, still debating the idea

  27. I wish I could starting making money from my blog or just in general! You do amazing though 🙂 Congrats!

  28. I am about to have my 6 month blogiversary and am happy to be making anything at all! I was thrilled to make almost $150 last month but am hoping that by the one year mark I will be making something that looks like a salary so I don’t have to go get a job outside of home.

  29. Ever since Google took me from a PR3 to a PR 0 I have made next to nothing!! I was making between 50 and 100 before that with guest posts and writing. Fivrr does not seem to work for me–as of this afternoon I will start start some mystery shopping again for a little extra cash until Google decides to bump me back up. First time I will be mystery shopping in approx 4 years!!!

    1. Michele,

      Why did Google bump you down? Also, how does mystery shopping work for you? I thought about doing it but could never find a legit company.

  30. Victoria, you should join some blog networks like Clever Girls, Mom Central and Cbias. They pay for posts and they are interesting ones that I enjoy doing. There is a lot of competition for opps though. It looks like you are doing a great job with private writing though!

    1. Pam,

      I am a member of Clever Girls and Mom Central but I guess I am always to late with them. I will have to check out Cbias though. I have not heard of them.

  31. way to go! I don’t monitize my blog I just started so I guess nothing to monitize hehe :)but then again maintaining a really nice blog requires time and effort not into that kind of thing yet :)…
    When it comes to work though I had few overtimes hehe 🙂 so I think I did well.. doubled my income last may so it’s going pretty well…. but with the rainy season just started I know it’s going to go down anytime soon.. I am hoping though that it wont get so low.. 🙂

  32. I have been stuck on escalate media for the month at 21.00, stuck on another company at 48.30 (payout is 50). But on the other hand, my alexa went down beloww 100,000, my Facebook & twitter fan count went up, my Klout went up, and so many other opportunities opened up for me this week. 🙂

    1. The most I have made with them I think was $40. I would love to make more I just have to put more focus into them and I think I could reach about $60.

  33. Way to go! I am still working on monetizing my blog so it can grow into a full blown business model. I think I “earned” about $20 – but then take out internet, hosting, etc and I’m probably down – getting closer!

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