30 Day Residual Challenge

A lot of you know I have been talking about focusing on my residual income for quite some time yet it is something that constantly is taking a backseat on my to do list. Some of you may remember my Passive Income Challenge back in February that fell through because of personal problems in my life. However, this time I have been able to keep my head in the game and make posts for 13 days in a row on Bubblews. I have also done a few other residual posts on other sites but for the most part Bubblews has been keeping me focused.

Some of My Posts from My 30 Day Residual Challenge

Results So Far

So far the results that I am receiving from my challenge have not been what I have hoped. I have made on $22 on Bubblews so I am down about it but at least this challenge has gotten my butt in gear when it comes to residual writing.

Have you ever participating in a writing challenge? If so, how did it turn out for you?


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