July 2013 Income

The month of July has been nothing like I expected. My bills are paid, I was able to throw my son’s 2nd birthday party and pay off my taxes but that has been about it. I won’t say that July has been my worst month but it has definitely not been my best either. I spent entirely too much in business expenses trying to try some new avenues in hopes of generating more money and it failed me. This month I also tried to hire a virtual assistant to help me out with the giveaway site and that also didn’t go as planned. I have to the conclusion that I need to have a social media expert who is experience in working with giveaways bloggers because then the job will not seem super hard for them or time consuming if the correct tools are used. Anyways my goal is still the same as usual and I am making some changes, hopefully to be able to come closer to reaching it rather than backtracking like this month. Well anyways this is how I did for the month of July.

  • Private Clients – $7109
  • Fiverr – $144
  • Giveaways 4 Mom – $80
  • Escalate Media Network – $45
  • Bubblews – $75
  • Sponsored Tweets – $21
  • Business Expenses – (minus $2850)

How did the month of July treat your business? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “July 2013 Income

  1. I side with Lou. I think you did a great job!! Your revenue was your best to date. Congratulate yourself for that!

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