RSS Explained

RSS is short for Rich Site Summary and it is a format that is used on blogs mainly to deliver their forever changing web content. If you visit any site more than likely they are going to have an RSS feed so anyone who wants it can access it.

Why Do I Need RSS?

RSS makes it easy for those who read articles on the web a lot. By accessing a sites RSS feed you are making it so you can stay on top of your favorite’s sites latest articles. It cuts back a lot of time because it enables you to get all of the articles without having to go to each site. Not to mention the fact that it even allows you to stay up to date with what they are posting without having to subscribe to their email newsletters. Big sites and small sites are offering RSS Feeds. If you are a site owner and do not have an RSS Feed you are not getting the maximum experience from your website.

How is RSS Feeds Read?

In order to be able to read the RSS feeds you are going to have to have a feed reader or a news aggregator. However, they are a lot of RSS readers available for a variety of different platforms so you should have no problem being able to read the feeds. Google Reader is one of the more popular ones right now.

Now that we have touched basics on RSS Feeds check out this infographic below to learn even more about them.


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