August 2013 Income

Wow this summer has gone by really quick. I did get to do some great things with my boys, I have started back working out, and I joined some meetups. However, now winter is coming which means birthdays, holidays, and more. August was an okay month for me financially. I would have liked it to be better but the bills are paid, the kids are fed, and I am happy. I am going to continue to keep my goal the same. But, these next couple of months is going to determine if I am going to continue working online or go to a job in the outside world. You can find my breakdown for August below and feel free to share how you did this month as well in the comments section.

Private Clients: $6712

Fiverr: $123

Giveaways 4 Mom: $170

Escalate Media: $39

Bubblews: $25

Link Vehicle: $20

Sponsored Tweets: $28

Business Expenses: -$2400

Wish me luck for September. Maybe I can finally reach my goal and take my online career to the next level.


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