How To Write Better Blog Posts?

Writing a better blog posts is what every blogger out there wish to do. They want to get more views, shares, likes, and conversations for their articles so that the entire world will know about them as well their blog. But a lot of them weren’t able to achieve it and the main reason for that would either be the blogger’s limited knowledge in the topic or their writing style.

A good blog post will not only have an interesting content for the reader but also follows a certain blueprint or structure which is the key to get the best out of your posts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a corporate blogger, or a design blogger, or a lifestyle blogger, but by following the three key elements that are given below, you will certainly make able to write better blog posts.

Better Blog Posts

1) Use A Captivating Headline For Your Article

If you would like to write a better blog post which attracts a lot of readers, then you must write a captivating headline. All the good blog posts out there will have a good headline and that’s the reason when people see the blog articles headline on Google, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or anywhere else on the web, they will click on it and visit your blog to read it.

Getting the attention of the reader is the most difficult task every blogger out there encounters and a captivating headline will certainly provide a solution for that issue. When you write an attractive headline, it will be quite easy for people to get attracted towards it. So, how do you write a captivating headline? Well, it’s pretty simple. You have to use psychological factors.

In this search engine people article, the writer mentioned how people are induced by psychological factors and does certain task, and avoids doing stupid or bad things out of fear. If you can somehow add those psychological factors in your article, then I am certain that you will be able to writer better blog posts.

2) Add Quality Images

As an old saying goes, “Images speaks louder than words”. That’s why the second most important factor which makes an article a better blog post is the image in it. Just think what all the famous social media websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn have in common. Yup, your guess is right. When you share an article on these networks, you will only see a snippet of the article (most commonly the article’s description) along with the image which is in the article.

When you have a good and quality image added to your article, it will grab people’s attention on the social networks and they will visit your blog to read the article. So, use a tool like and find good quality and relevant images for your blog post and use it. Also by adding an alt tag while posting your picture, will help you in terms of SEO.

3) Use Subheadings And Formatting

A better blog post will let the reader to read it quite easily and quickly regardless of its length. Do you know how it can be done? Well, make use of subheadings and formatting. When you add subheadings in your blog post, it will tell reader what that particular paragraph is about. So if a reader wants to have a quick look of your article and find out what you are actually saying in it, then subheadings will help.

Also when you add bullet points and numbering, it will take away the boring long-form essay and will give the article a proper look. Using bullet points, you can help readers understand the idea even if it is a big one and highlight the key points of your article. Along with this make use of italics for notes and bold text for highlighting important point. This will help readers to get the essence of the article at the first glance.

People can say that there are lots more elements which make a better blog post, but I find out that these three are key points and by following them, anyone can write better blog articles.

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By Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Sathishkumar who is a blogger and an Internet Marketer from Salem is helping business to get the better backlinks using his Kudo Metrics company’s link building services with high quality blog posts. He is providing this service to a lot of businesses in and around India with the help of his company.


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