Who Came Up With the Term Blog?

A lot of people during this age have blogs. However, have we ever sat down and thought about who actually came up with the “blog” idea in the beginning? I was thinking about this today and decided I would write a post about it in case anyone else was curious like me.

Who Coined the Term Blog?


The term “weblog” was created by an individual by the name of Jorn Barger on December 17th 1997. The term that we use today “blog” is actually the short form of “weblog”. He created the term as a joke yet not to long afterward Even Williams started using the term blog in reference to editing or posting on a weblog. Evan Williams also came up with the term blogger as well and well here we are today.

Blogs Today

In today’s age in time a lot of the blogs that you run across on the web are going to be on a particular topic. However, personal blogs (i.e. online diaries) are becoming increasingly popular as well along with company blogs for branding. Usually, blogs consist of mostly text however vlogs are increasing in popularity as well as podcasts, MP3, and photo blogs. As of February 2011 there were more than 156 million public blogs available on the web. Additionally, it was determined that on October 2012 there were approximately 56.6 million WordPress blogs.

Well that is my history lesson for you guys today. Please share your comments on what you think about the term “blog” in the comments section below.

One thought on “Who Came Up With the Term Blog?

  1. Wow, I do remember hearing Weblog a long time ago! And I had not thought of how the term ‘blog’ came about, though I find it extremely interesting. And wow, those statistics are wild! That is a lot of bloggers!

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