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If you have been reading my blog since it started and have followed my online income career you know I have dabbled with surveys, affiliate marketing, and have always been a professional writer. Well, today I was thinking of doing some surveys as I had a little free time on my hands but was unsure which survey sites were legit since it has been a while since I have done any type of survey for income. It turns out that MySurvey is still ranking in at number one. If you remember some of my earliest income reports MySurvey was bringing me in some spending money on a regular basis at one point and I also cashed out my points for some great prizes. Anyways there seems to be some new ones on the market that are paying too according to Survey Spencer.

About Survey Spencer


Survey Spencer is one of the new online survey review sites. I ran across the site today and I must say I am amazed by what they are doing. So, far they have listed a handful of survey sites that are honest and pay. What I like about the reviews – the ones I checked out anyways – is the author of this site goes into detail about how they work, how they paid, and how their own personal experience went with the survey site. This is a huge plus for me. When I read a review I want evidence that the person has actually been on the site. I was able to verify this by reading the MySurvey review since I am also a member there I knew exactly what should have been mentioned in the review.

Overall, if you are trying to make some extra holiday cash and want to know which survey sites can be trusted I highly suggest checking out Survey Spencer. I imagine as time goes on they will be adding in more survey websites as they have tried them out.

Do you take surveys online for cash? What is your favorite site? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


13 thoughts on “New Online Survey Review Site

  1. I wish I could do more surveys but most sites only give me 1 or 2 to do a month and I have to sign up for 30 companies to make any real money.. Thank you for the info on this one and I will look into it…

  2. Great information. It has been a long time since I have done surveys, but will have to think about it again. Who doesn’t need a little extra cash?

  3. I have found stuff like this doesn’t really work for me, but it’s great that other people can make it work for them. Maybe I just fail at the internet xD

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