How to Create a Press Release

Recently, I did a post on the topic of the benefits of press releases. When I started thinking about it, it was rather silly of me to write a post about the benefits of press releases and not include how to write one. So, I decided to follow up with a second post today. The best part about this post is even if you do not plan to do a press release for yourself you can consider doing them for entrepreneurs or businesses for money. But, we will talk about getting paid to write press releases on another day.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is written communication usually on the web or in a newspaper/magazine that tells breaking news about a specific industry in an excited manner. For example, you know when Apple comes out with a new phone and you see the stories coming in across the web. Yea, those are press releases. Not the ones written by users obviously but the articles announcements you come across that are written in an exciting news format.

What Format Does It Have to Be In?

As mentioned early press releases are a form of news so they should be written in news format. However, they should also ALWAYS be written in 3rd person. Even if you are someone who is doing your own press release you will write in third person. This means you will not be referring to “I” anywhere in the press release.

What to Include in the Press Release vs. What Not to Include

If it is your first time writing a press release it is important that you pay attention to this section. The infographic shows that press releases are available to a lot of people. So, with that being said, your press release needs to be top of the line because what you include inside of it is either going to make your or break you.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you are going to want to be sure to include your contact information. This way people can know how they can reach you, if needed. By contact information I mean your business name, how you can be reached, your website, and a short blurb about you. Additionally, you are going to want to include any breaking information about your business. Anything other than that should not be in the press released. For example, you should not be discussing anything that anyone may take as being offensive, politics, things that take place in the workplace, or anything of similar nature. Keep in mind your press release is going to make you or break you.

Overall, these are my tips for creating a press release. I felt post getting kind of lengthy so I figured it was time to wrap this up. In the future I will bring you more press release tips and for the meantime feel free to check out this resource for additional tips.

Have you ever written a press release? What tips do you have for writing one that would get you the success rate that you desire?


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