How Instagram Can Help You Land A Job

Job seekers in today’s market know they have to really stand out above the crowd to get noticed. That’s where Instagram can come into play. Those who know their way around social media are finding the photo sharing network can help them catch the attention of their desired employer, or to connect with those in the field they want to break into. By following a few easy tips, you can help yourself stand out and increase your chances of at least getting an interview.

Instagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Connect with people involved with the industry you are looking to get into, whether they are working the job you want, or they are the company you want to get noticed by. Spend some time engaging with their photos or videos. Ask questions, or even answer questions by others if you really know your stuff. Take the time to learn the values and goals of the brands or companies you want to work for, because that will give you an advantage over those who haven’t done their homework.

Keep it clean

While your Instagram account doesn’t need to be kept entirely professional, it should be kept tasteful. Avoid posting photos or videos that are inappropriate or offensive. Remember, you’re trying to show yourself as an ideal employee, and not as a liability. Make sure to have a great looking profile picture, so they can see who you are. Also remember, you won’t get new followers with inappropriate pictures.

Show your skills

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, so use your pictures to show off what you can do, as it relates to your desired position. You can be creative, and not every post has to center around your skills, but you have a chance to really wow potential employers with your photos and videos.

Use video as a mini interview

First impressions count for a lot when you’re looking to get hired. By creating a 15 second video, you can have a little more control over how your first impression goes, and it can be used as a quick interview, or a brief resumé. You may be surprised at how effective a short video clip can be. For example, one journalist used a 6 second Vine clip to get hired after job hunting the usual way for several months. Now, imagine what you could do with more than twice that amount of time!

Don’t spam

No one wants to be bombarded with the same message over and over. Make sure to avoid posting the same thing repeatedly, and make your pictures and videos have some value to your followers. You can feel free to use hashtags on relevant posts to draw a brands attention, but don’t overuse them. You want to look like an attractive hire, not an annoying fan.

It may not be easy to get noticed in the job market today, but by spending a little time and effort, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by the right people. Create opportunities for yourself, and you’ll find more success than you might expect.

Jonathan Spencer is a consultant and resume expert helping people find better jobs or better positions in their current jobs. In his free time, he is a competition runner.


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