5 Twitter Mistakes Small Businesses Should Never Make

As a small business, social media is crucial to marketing your brand and building a relationship with customers. Social networks provide a platform for talking to customers or potential ones you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise, promoting happenings within your business in an effective way, and connecting with other businesses all over the world. Twitter is an exceptionally helpful tool for promotion and small talk with potential customers and other businesses. When used correctly, Twitter can be effective and powerful tool in your marketing plan. However, there’s many ways to misuse Twitter, and, unfortunately, many small businesses fall into these faux paus. Check out five mistakes your company should be avoiding, and start tweaking your Twitter if you’re guilty of any of these:

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Nothing is worse than businesses who updated their Twitter every hour, on the hour. Spamming someone’s Twitter feed gives them an instant reason to click that “unfollow” button. Tweeting every day is OK, but unless there’s an event going on or you’re responding to tweets, try to keep at twice a day minimum- and figure out when your audience is online! Tweeting at 8am and 5pm when your audience is likely asleep or in traffic probably isn’t ideal. Do some research and statistics and determine when, and how often, is best for your business to tweet.

Spamming, not Promoting

Twitter is great for promoting special events, happy hours, prices- whatever your company has going on. What Twitter isn’t great for is constantly tweeting about how good your food is, how awesome your office is, or posting the same promotional tweet every day. Tweeting is about interacting and engaging- not tossing information out and hoping someone sees it. Only promote when it’s appropriate- when what you’re tweeting about is special and unique. Otherwise, you’re spamming, and likely to lose some followers.

Not Responding to Tweets

The world of Twitter is about engagement, and that includes responding to tweets. Make sure you’re actively keeping track of your mentions, and making it a point to respond back. Customers appreciate being recognized and are excited when brands or businesses they like respond to their comments or questions. Even do a search for your brand to find people who are tweeting about you or your industry, but may not be following you or didn’t tag your account. This will help you gain followers, and keep the ones you have.

Not Tweeting/Following

Your Twitter page is useless unless it’s actually being used. If you’re not tweeting regularly (but not too much, remember?), not responding to mentions, and aren’t actively following people, then your page is just another social media account you haven’t nurtured. It’s important to follow similar businesses or industries, and follow customers that follow you! Reaching out to people and actively engaging users is the entire purpose of Twitter and will help improve your web presence. Don’t let your page just sit in silence.

Auto Direct Messages

These are a faux paus, simply because they’re very, very annoying. If someone follows you and you want to thank them, tweet them! Automatic DMs are very spammy, and don’t make you look genuine to new followers. Forget about DMs, and focus your energy on actual tweets.

Follow these tips and prevent your Twitter page from crashing and burning.

Zane Schwarzlose is a Search Engine Specialist at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Web design company. Zane is not cool enough to have his own Twitter account.


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