SEO Facts That Are Important to Know

If you are a blogger or someone who is thinking of hiring someone for SEO or even someone who wants to start their own SEO services there are some very important facts that you must know. The first thing is SEO goes way beyond simply writing title tags and building links. SEO is something that has to be planned and executed. There is a lot of time and work that is going to have to be put in to ensure that your site ranks consistently and is not penalized by the search engines. So, today I am going to discuss some of the SEO facts that you need to know.

SEO Does Not Guarantee Results

This is the most important thing you need to know. SEO is not magic, it is not about building links and getting the site to rank top of keywords. It is a whole lot more than that. In fact, go check it out for yourself. Type in the keywords that you want to rank your website for and you will see thousands of websites are out there trying to rank for those same keywords. Then, when you think about it if 10 websites are already ranking at your keywords, how can you expect SEO to guarantee you one of their spots?

Keywords Will Not Be in the Top 10 Forever

A lot of people stop working on their SEO once they have landed their spot in the top 10. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly make. This is because search engines are always updating their databases so you have to make sure you are always doing your SEO. It is not a get to the top and stay there thing. If you want to stay ahead of your competition you are always going to have to be doing SEO.

PR And Rankings Do Not Go Hand in Hand

You will be surprised at the number of people who think that PR has to do with their rankings. However, PR has nothing to do with a site’s ranking. Even low PR sites can rank higher in the search engines than the higher PR sites. However, there was a time when PR was taken into consideration with the value of a website; but those days are a thing of the past. Now it is all about the number of quality backlinks that you have.

Mass Link Development is a No No

Another thing, don’t go out and published hundreds of backlinks just for the number. In this game, like the writing game, it is all about quality and not quantity.

Directory Submissions and Article Submissions Are Not SEO

Anyone is capable of posting articles in directories. So, how much value do you think they really hold? One thing that is for sure is search engines do not consider the links to be quality. But, on the other hand some are going to be quality links yet that is going to be few and in-between.

Overall, when it comes to SEO take things slow and steady, always keep working on it, and make sure you are focusing on quality and not quantity and you should be fine.


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