When Should You Hire Someone to Aid You with SEO

Back in August it was revealed via a survey that 35% of companies outsource their SEO work instead of doing it in house. However, this number is expected to grow because many people do not know the important facts about SEO that they should. If SEO is something that you only know a little bit about you should consider outsourcing it to a firm. Also, if you have too many other business priorities to take care of outsourcing your SEO would be a smart move. Today, I am going to discuss various other reasons as to why you would want to hire someone to aid you with SEO.


  1. You Want to Cut Down on Costs: Nine times out of ten if you outsource your SEO work you are going to spend less money versus if you were to have an in-house SEO expert. However, when outsourcing to a company do not automatically try to seek out those who have the lowest costs. Sometimes the cheapest is not the best so you also have to keep in mind the reputation of the company as well as the experience that they have.
  2. It Can Cut Down on the Delivery Time: When you outsource your SEO work you are able to cut down on the delivery time because usually they have staff who work around the clock to insure that your goals are met by the estimated date.

Overall, if you do decide to outsource your work make sure that you are outsourcing your SEO work to the professionals. There are plenty of people who “claim” to be SEO experts yet are not. It is going to take some time to find the ideal firm for you. However, once you find them you will reap the benefits.

Do you outsource your SEO work or do you do it in house? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


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