How to Run a Good Business Meeting

If you have been given the task of running a business meeting then you have the opportunity to make it something really good. Running a business meeting might seem like an easy task, but it should not just be about talking at people, or getting your point across, it should be about a meeting of people working towards a common goal. There are ways of making it a truly great meeting that will allow everyone to take a positive away from the experience, simply by following a few tips. Here are a few things to incorporate into a business meeting to make it a really great one!

First Meeting
First Meeting (Photo credit: lhl)

Outline Important Points in Agenda

One way to start organising the meeting is to plan out what it is going to be about and writing out an agenda for the meeting. Working out the most important points to be addressed at the meeting will ensure that all topics are covered and that the meeting achieves what it sets out to do. Create an agenda and have it printed out so that everyone knows where the meeting is going and can plan accordingly.

Follow the Agenda Plan During the Meeting

Having your plan printed and available for everyone to follow will assist you in ensuring that the meeting stays on track and achieves all goals. Following it will give credibility to the meeting and assist everyone in knowing when they will have the opportunity to talk about anything that they want to bring up during the meeting.

Start and End on Time

One really important factor to remember with running a great business meeting is to start and finish on time. Human beings like to know what is happening and when, and if you say the meeting will happen at a certain time then stick to it, even if something arises that prevents some speakers to be there at the finish time. Similarly it is respectful to all the people at the meeting for it to finish when it is expected to finish, and that the meeting goes according to plan. If a meeting does not start when it is expected to, or goes over time, people will be likely not to come to the next one, or will not feel good about coming, and you will lose credibility.

Maintain Meeting Focus

A really important thing to running a fantastic meeting is to maintain the focus of the meeting, so that it stays on track. Often when you have a lot of different personalities, having a discussion, things can get a little off track at times, so this is a great reason to have an agenda, so that you can gently remind people about the focus of the meeting.

Be Open to Feedback

The hallmark of a great meeting is the opportunity for people to provide feedback about the meeting, whether that is with regard to things that were brought up during the meeting, or the way the meeting was run. Getting feedback will show you what you are doing right, and provide you with some info about how to improve for the next meeting! Serviced offices spaces are available for meetings at .


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