November 2013 Earnings

The month of November has not been good for me at all. I have had to focus on my kids around the clock due to some matters that caused me to lose my daytime sitter and it is definitely reflecting on my income. I have not been able to get much work done so my finances have taking a hit. I can say thank goodness for rainy day funds and I am hoping things will get better in December especially with the holidays approaching an a decrease in work is probably expected. Anyways below, you can see how I did for the month of November.

  • Private Clients: $5629
  • Fiverr: $328
  • Giveaways 4 Mom: $121
  • Bubblews: $25
  • Business Expenses: -$3029

So, how did the month of November go for you? Feel free to share your achievements in the comments section below. 

7 thoughts on “November 2013 Earnings

  1. Wow Victoria, that is a great result and I’m sure a lot of work from home mums will find it inspiring. I think November and December get quiet for everyone, (Santaclaus being a notable exception) so keep your chin up :-), and I am blown away by your blog. Really great stuff!

  2. I didn’t do very well with my earnings last month either and I know December will be worst. A lot of affiliate programs I’m with is out of budget until next year so my earnings are going to be bad! Good luck to you in December Victoria!

  3. My earnings are down too. A lot of my affiliates I’m with doesn’t have budget until next year so my earnings will keep going down.

  4. It seems your expenses took more than the half of your earnings. But again that’s something, at least you have made over 2000$ which is a dream for those who are not able to make money online and even would like half of it to earn. But of course as an internet marketer who has experience of years and has been able to earn more than this, it’s not good. But the good thing is that you know why your earnings are low. It would be bad if you have had done a lot of things and couldn’t get return.

  5. You sure did better than me last month! I just started selling on ebay and made $17. Not much but I am proud of myself for getting over insecurities and just getting something online. I hope you have a better month in December too. Your blog has been a real inspiration for the year! Thanks!

  6. I’m sorry November didn’t go well for you x. I wondered why you hadn’t updated your blog in a while.

    Saying that, remember where you used to be as well as where you’d like to be. Still super proud of you.

    I did OK in November. I wanted to hit $100 and I did. I was happy with that though I’ve made more in the past. I kinda feel like I’m starting afresh so that’s another reason I think I’m OK with that figure.

    All the best in December. Hope you find a a good, reliable sitter and get back on-track towards achieving your goals.

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