Five Ways to Amplify Your Small Business Online Free

Are you searching for ways to amplify your small business online? Does your small business have a limited budget but still needs exposure? If so, I have free methods to share with you. It can be hard keeping up with the best marketing strategies that bring results. Therefore, today this post is going to discuss give ways to amplify your small business online free.

Use Infographics

Infographics are ideal when it comes to illustrating how things work or putting statistics in an easy to read format. When they are colorful and appealing to the eyes, they enhance your blog, which entices readers to share them across their social media channels. If you have the ability to create useful and eye catching infographics you will get lots of links and a great amount of traffic back to your small business website. An example of a share worthy infographic can be found here.

Use Videos

Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vine are very effective when it comes to amplifying small businesses. Visual marketing is rapidly increasing in general. Videos allow you to entertain and inform your readers and potential customers simultaneously. Take some time to create a video that will help brand your small business and watch the traffic and sales start rolling in.

Create Share worthy Content

When readers come to your blog, you should feel honored. To show them your appreciation you should have high quality content that serves a purpose. It should not only be informative but it should attract the reader’s attention and make them want to come back to your blog and/or purchase your products/services. In this article by Entrepreneur, you can learn how to create share worthy content but also how to rank in the search engines too.

Expand Your Horizons

Sharing videos, infographics, and content on your blog is key to amplifying your small business. However, if you want to see the maximum amount of results from your marketing efforts it is important that you are everywhere that customers are. This means you should be sharing your content, videos, and infographics on social media channels, forums, and anywhere else potential prospects might be hanging out.

Guest Blog

We have all heard that guest blogging is dead. However, this is only true for those who are using guest posting as a way to gain link juice. For small businesses who want to get their name out guest blogging is a perfect solution.  When you write on other high traffic blogs in your niche, you gain access to their readership. If your content is informative, they will click on your link and see what your small business is all about. If your blog is updated frequently and the quality is good, you have just landed yourself some new readers and potential customers. You may not get any link juice but at the end of the day, you have gotten something better – sales!

Bottom Line

If you follow these tips for amplifying your small business, you will see that these free methods can bring you a lot of success. If you are a small business owner, feel free to share your free tips below in the comments section.


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