5 Ways to Grow Your Presence on Google+

Businesses including, mid-size and small scale business ventures can increase their market presence using Google+. Personalized searches can be manipulated positively by Google+; this advanced Google tool works well when you follow a chosen page i.e. “Successful Women in Business”. In practice whenever you search for a keyword related to the chosen page using Google+, the search will show results related to the search query, at least in part.

This targeted tool is proficient in providing required outcomes if you publish a page in your website address and share it on Google+. Whenever an individual with your ID on Google+ signs into any of the Google family products such as Picasaweb, Gmail or searches on Google using the assigned or related keyword to your post, your page results appear higher in that persons search results. However, this is only evident when you follow all the required procedures. You can create a strong community around you using Google through:
• Checking your existing networks
• Leveraging your searches using Google+
• Experimenting with Google+ tools
• Leveraging Google+ Communities
• Leveraging your Google+ Circles

In order enhance your existing networks; you will have to create a personal profile using Google+, and then create a Google page. Once you do that Google will link you to all its products. In case you are a business woman, make sure to have as many contacts on your Gmail account as possible. To exploit this tool, engage the Google communities, link Google+ to your website, and request to be circled by followers in the social media networks.

Leveraging searches using Google+ is a perfect way to increase your community presence. You may go further and customize your filter results to find businesses, associates and individuals you like who have presence in Google+. You can do this by simply keying-in the keywords using the Google+ search tool, then select the category that suits your search; you may include the products your selling in your search criteria.

You can experiment with Google+ promotional tools such as Google Hangouts. The hangout offers free group-video service that allows you to broadcast your Google Hangouts directly onto your YouTube account. You can use video to advance your products benefits; and in the process enhance your online presence.

Google+ Communities can be leverage through connecting with professionals and likeminded people sharing your passion. This can enhance your business acumen through asking pointed questions and receiving feedbacks. You can leverage your Google+ Circle group of contacts by sharing information with only a select group of people. Through Google+ Circle, you can create as many circles as you want by assigning them appropriate labels. Google Circles can be created by clicking on Circles then selecting “find people,” you can then drag and drop contacts as necessary.

You can also leverage your online market presence on Google Plus by analyzing user details using AllPlus, Managing webpages using HootSuite, Posting at the right time, turning Google+ into an information package tool through RSS Feed, and using CircleCount to find new people.


Author Bio: 
Greg Aziz is a freelance copywriter with a Journalism degree from University of Toronto and with over 5 years of experience writing for hundreds of companies from virtually any industry. Feel free to connect with him on TwitterGoogle +Linkedin, or Quora.


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