What Do You REALLY Need to Do to Please Your Boss?

Read any guide on pleasing your boss and you’ll get the obvious advice. You need to work hard, stop kissing up, and get yourself noticed. We know all this, and your boss has been reading the same articles.


They know the game their employees play. They know that they’re desperately trying to get into their good books. And here’s the secret, it makes them sick. It makes them feel as if they can’t trust you because you’re only putting a mask on for them.


Here’s what bosses really want from you.


A Point on Bullying


In the UK, workplace bullying is on the rise. About one in 10 employees have experienced bullying from a superior, as stated by The Guardian.


No matter what company you work for at what level, you can’t please these bosses. For some reason or another, they have decided to hate your guts. Don’t waste your time trying to please them. Start searching for another job and kick them aside.


All in the Finances


In the end, you’re not at work to make friends. You’re there to help the business make money. Employees often struggle to look at it from their boss’s point of view. You’re an asset and nothing more.


Make sure your value to the company exceeds your salary and place in the office. It’s a cold way of looking at it. A lot of people refuse to see it this way. They see it as wrong. When all is said and done, this is what it boils down to.


Whenever a company decides to start sacking people, they assess them based on their worth financially.


Outside of the Workplace


It’s often considered taboo to get involved in someone’s personal life. It’s not always as bad as you think, though.
The traditional employer-employee relationship is one of professionalism. It doesn’t allow for personal feelings to come into it. And this can make it difficult to please your boss.


Get involved in your boss’s interests and hobbies. Jacquelyn Smith for Forbes.com wrote an article on this point. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a quick chat at lunch about a favourite hobby. Little things like this can endear you to the boss.


Work Habits


The way you work will always have an influence on your image. Obviously, you have to work hard. This is a given at any company. When you work hard can be just as important as whether you work hard, though.


Here are a few tips for satisfying your superior:


  •          Work when they work. It allows them to see when you’re working. They probably won’t even remember how you pulled all those night shifts.
  •          Communicate with them whilst you work. Again, this allows them to see what progress you’re making and how hard you’re working.
  •          Work with the long-term in mind. When you talk to your boss about the importance of your latest work to the project, don’t just talk about the immediate project. Tell them how it relates to the long-term company prospects. It’s a subtle way of informing your employer you care about the company.


Fail and Fail Hard


Admittedly, this might get a few eyebrows raised. Pleasing your boss doesn’t usually involve failure.


Unless your boss is totally inept, they understand the value of trying something new. When we talk about failure, we talk about strategic failure. It’s not about putting the company on the line. It’s about experimenting when you can and logging the results.


Be willing to fail. Perfectionism only tells your boss that you’re a stooge without any innovation. You can do your job, but you’re either too incapable or too scared to initiate real change.


Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, spoke to the Wall Street Journal about how he failed his way to success. He discussed how he always searched for alternative options when he had the time.


And we can only reiterate this. There are always alternatives. As long as you don’t bankrupt the company, your boss will secretly appreciate your boldness. They might not immediately congratulate you, but it’s going to put you in line for a promotion!

Image Credit: Flickr user Deep Tom Natt


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