March 2014 Income Report

March has been an okay month for me. Things have picked up a bit and I have gained some new clients, which is always good. I have steered away from some of my ventures so I am hoping the new clients will cover the old client’s venue. Well below, you can see how the month of March treated me. I am hoping April will be a better month because it is about time for birthday season for my kids to start.

Private Clients – $4999

Fiverr – $616

Odesk – $42

Escalate Media – $31

Giveaways 4 Mom – $125

Yahoo Contributor Network – $1

Social Spark – $93

Business Expenses – (-$2530)

How did the month of March treat you and what are your goals for April?


3 thoughts on “March 2014 Income Report

    1. Hi Danielle,

      It is a total of all expenses that come along with running both of my businesses. Sometimes I have to invest money to complete an assignment.

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