4 Signs That You Need a New Job

Swapping jobs is never an easy decision to take. Decades ago, it was common to join an industry and stay with the same company for the entirety of your working life. Now we live with a highly mobile workforce.

According to Jeanne Meister writing for Forbes.com, she said the average worker will change jobs once every 4.4 years, and it’s about half this for younger workers. We have more choice than ever before and you don’t need to accept garbage from your boss.

If you’re wondering whether the time has come for you to move on, look out for these four warning signs.

  1.      Your Work isn’t Appreciated 

You’re a highly skilled individual who puts their heart and soul into doing the best they can. It’s obvious you’re doing everything you can, but you haven’t received any praise since your probation period ended.

Life’s too short to let your good work go unappreciated. This doesn’t mean your boss has to give you flowers and candy. A good comment here and there is enough to show you you’re appreciated.

If your boss doesn’t appreciate your work, it’s time to take your talents to someone who will see them for what they are.

  1.       Job Stagnation

Once your job gets to the point where you’re only looking forward to the weekend, it’s time to review your position.

No job should ever become a boring routine. It should be exciting and you should always move towards the next level. Make sure your company is giving you options to learn new skills and move to the rank above you.

It doesn’t have to mean a promotion every year or so. It just means you know the potential for advancement is there.

  1.       Depression

One of the biggest causes of depression in America is crummy jobs. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention said in 2011 one in ten of all U.S. adults were now reporting depression. This represents millions of the population.

Depression can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lack of motivation. Essentially, it means you’re wasting away and you believe you have nothing to live for any longer. It’s also an illness which can easily sneak up on you over a period of time. A lot of people don’t even realise they’re depressed. They slip into it like a deep sleep.

No job should ever make you feel like this. Try to pinpoint what’s making you unhappy about the job. It may be the career you’ve fallen out of love with or a toxic corporate environment.

Before you march in and quit, see if the source of your problem is anything you can rectify. It makes no sense to leave a perfectly good job over a problem you can resolve.

  1.       You Differ from the Values of Your Company

Every company has a different set of values. Ma and Pa’s General Store may value customers and loves to serve them. The big bad corporation may not care about customers and just wants to boost profits.

What do you believe in and what do you want from your job?

Look inside and you may find you don’t agree with what your company does. This means you’re prostituting yourself for a pay check. Your values should never finish second to a pat on the head from a boss paying your salary.

It doesn’t mean this isn’t the industry for you. All companies have different values. Search for an organisation which matches up to what you believe in. You have a right to feel good about what you do and quitting could be the best way to do it.

 Image Credit: Flickr


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