Make Sure Your Audience Knows there is a Real Person on the Other Side of the Computer Screen

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big business or a simple blogger, you have to know your target audience and know how to connect with them. Part of this comes with demonstrating you’re a real human being sitting behind the computer screen.

In the absence of physical shops and the takeover of the Internet, this is getting increasingly harder to do.

Any good business owner knows it’s important to play on the emotions of your target audience. This is impossible to do if your audience believes you don’t have any emotions because they don’t know there’s a real person behind the computer screen.

Know Your Target Audience

It all starts with knowing who your target audience is. To create a strong, targeted campaign you have to have an idea of who you’re trying to appeal to. According to Social Media Today, by knowing where your audience comes from you can turn customers from disconnected freeloaders to evangelical loyalists.

This is where research comes in. Use tools like Google Analytics to find out where your audience are coming from.

You should compare these results to your business strategy. If you’re getting an entirely different audience you have to consider why you’ve failed to connect with your real targets.

Once you know your target audience you can begin to understand them. After you understand them, you can tailor your strategy accordingly.

Connect on a Personal Level

Connecting with an audience on a personal level is the key to holding their attention. You need to understand what gets them going and what they’re going to respond to.

To build your brand, find a problem the majority of your target audience has. It may be a problem with current products on the market or a generalised issue without a remedy, as of yet.

Another way of connecting on a personal level is by doing what they do. For example, one example of websites connecting with their audience is by making their designs responsive, so they can be used on phones.

If we look at Edison Research we can see they also report on this. They said one in five podcast viewers now use smartphones. Alone, this is an innocuous statistic. In relation to your business, it demonstrates people are increasingly using smartphones. Make sure your online platform is convenient for smartphone users to connect with them.

Understanding the Human Side

It’s not as difficult as you think to show you’re human. Blogs and articles are good for presenting information. They show little about the humans behind the brand, though.

One way of showing off how human you are is by taking pictures. Bring people into your day-to-day world with team photos, little videos, and random pictures of things you’ve noticed during your work.

Of course, you have to do this appropriately. Bringing people into a world at the wrong time and in the wrong place won’t give you any positive press. Selfies and random pictures, for example, should only ever find their way onto a social media network, never your professional website.

Check it Against Your Marketing Strategy

 Whatever you do, it must fit in with your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is the document you came up with when you started your business. It details everything from your objectives to your target audience.

If you’re moving away from your marketing strategy, stop and think. You’re either departing for the better because you’ve noticed something new or you’re mistakenly moving away. There’s nothing wrong with change, but it has to be validated change.

You decide on the best option.

 Image Credit: Wikimedia


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