April Income 2014

This month I have spent time marketing myself to better quality clients. I am hoping that my efforts pay off in May. Well I am going to jump right in. You can find my income totals below.

  • Private Clients – $2755
  • Fiverr – $576
  • ODesk – $30
  • Giveaways 4 Mom – $155
  • Link Vehicle – $20
  • Escalate Media – $41
  • Advowire – $65
  • Business Expenses – (-$1331)

How did the month of April treat you? Feel free to share in the comments section below.


7 thoughts on “April Income 2014

  1. I appreciate the transparency. How long was it before you started working with private clients? My instinct lately has been to work with them through a middle man so I can assure myself of payment, and upon building up some trust, see if there is room to branch away from, say, a content mill and accept direct payment.

    What would you recommend?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      When I first started my goal was always to secure private clients. I landed my first one within my first month of working online. I always recommend having access to the clients directly as it helps your resume and you can get referrals.

      1. Payments are still made via PayPal as they would be made at a content mill. The only difference with private clients is they pay you what you are worth and they pay a lot faster than the mills, usually.

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