May 2014 Income Report

These past couple of months has made me feel like I cannot win for losing. I take two steps forward and it seems like I take five steps backwards. I have been pushing through work despite the drastic events that keep popping up in my personal life but my income is taking a hit at the wrong time. I am maintaining now each month but I have to work to get my numbers back to where they normally are. During the month of May, I managed to survive but three of my major clients slowed down their business and/or went out of business. I have many clients but the three major clients all slowing down with work was a disappointment. I have been tracking down even more new clients but they do not cover what the other clients did. However, I will get on with my income report and hope that June runs smoothly and I can start progressing as I was doing before. As always, feel free to share how the month of May treated you in the comments section.

Private Clients – $2485

Fiverr – $849

ODesk – $38

Giveaways 4 Mom – $200

Escalate Media – $62

Social Spark – $100

Amazon Affiliates – $10

Business Expenses – (-$1952)


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